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my glass tipi

I seem to use old things all the time to make new ones. I live that way!

So here you have my most recent creation:

I have wanted a campfire spot outside the house, but close enough to dash out and be there and then dash inside for other things.

So I gathered up 15 cedar trees, cut them down, took off the branches and had help bringing them to the house, and sawing off ends where they were way too long.

I put them up in the lane, in front of where the car goes.

I wanted some windows in the tipi. I know, how many tipis have windows in them! Well, I didn't want it to be dark in there.

So at our local dump we have a reuse center where we can take anything we want.

I have, over the past month, collected windows. They include glass doors, shower doors, wooden framed windows and metal framed windows as well as some plain glass.

Putting the glass doors on their sides and leaning them up against two poles, I was able to have windows at ground level.

Well, I kept going and now have 58 windows, all atop one another and almost all of them are screwed to the poles.

I have used some house wrap to close off the areas between the rectangular windows and the triangular shaped spaces between the poles.

Today I used foam insulation to seal between the windows.

I have made some videos on it. I am putting them all into a playlist called Glass Tipi on
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Toy Trucks

We had a toy truck in the yard that had a broken seems that a branch fell on it. Rather then tossing it I headed out to the scrap pile & found a disassembled child seat & used a pipe from that to make the truck go again...
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Of Wheelchairs and Wagons...

Of Wheelchairs and Wagons...

A few years ago I went to an Auction where I bought a wheelchair for like 5 bucks. It's been folded up nicely out in the shed here since I moved down, and up in Michigan it just took up space in my front porch.

I figure someday I might actually need one so I can't just get rid of the thing...

A few days ago however I took note that I do NOT need one now, but what I did need was a wagon...for both yard work, and for playing with the grand kids!

So it was off to the scrap pile to see what I could come up with...

* The four sides are from the lining of an old pet cage we had.
* it's wheels of course are from the wheel chair
* It's other boards are leftovers from various other projects
* the handle is wiring from the old Satellite I tore down...

The end result is the Craftastrophe you see below

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please help a desperate student!

I am a student at Columbus College of Art and Design and we have to conduct a survey of our demographic regarding power tools. You would be doing my group and I a gigantic favor by answering our 12 question survey (4 of those questions are SUPER easy)!!!

I am not trolling, but if the moderator feels this is against the rules, feel free to delete the post, I wont be upset.

THANK YOU FOR ALL RESPONSES. just answer to the best of your ability. if some questions are not applicable to you, it is ok to leave them blank.

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Here kitty, kitty kitty...

How hard is it to build a wooden box?

How the heck would I know...I've not succeeded yet *sigh*

But not for a lack of trying mind you ;)

My first ever "wood working project" was a house for my outside cats to live in (I have MANY). So I drew up a basic design and headed out to my scrap pile in the back yard... I had a few sheets of particle board so that was certainly a plus...

The design is simple enough...

(see it from the FRONT or SIDE)

Originally it had two levels but after watching the cats for a while I realized that the felines were a bit shorter then I first I yanked off a side piece and added a third level (I may get around to taking a cut away pic, but don't have one yet - but I do have a pic showing the side hole

Looks great don't it XD

The cats like it though, especially when it all in all I'm rather content with this atrocity...
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I'm so in love...but sadly I'm also unemployed ;)

I've got some power tools, a pile of scrap wood and some inspiration and when I combine these I generally get something functional, and sometimes even something worthy of showing off - however, most of the time it's a craftastrophe!

Case in point, my fiancé's b-day was just a few days ago and I took to making her a pair of wind chimes. One worthy of selling at a local craft store (kinda) the other worthy of hanging out in the back woods ;)



The smaller of the two is a basic design using 5 eye-hooks, a small square of wood, a bit of string, some fishing line, 5 pieces of tent pole pipe, and a two piece pot set.

In the small block of wood (which is small enough to hide within the pot base) I screwed in the eye hooks and then hung the pipes with the fishing line. I then placed the pot on it's base (bottom to bottom) and with a screw I stuck them together. I then hung the pot with string. Later we put some Ivy in it's actually presentable and really makes a nice chime sound when a breeze hits it.

The larger is another story and is nearly an eye sore ;) It's pretty much put together the same way as the smaller one's base - except I have used an old school bell rather then a pot base. The pipes are from an old antenna, and I've used red wire rather then fishing line. I've also attached a disc at the bottom of the center pipe so the wind can catch it. When it chimes it's more of a bell sound then the chinging of the smaller pipes are really does sound nice...

I hope you've enjoyed them, and I hope they inspire you to make "art from junk". I know my G-friend loves them...


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First Post!

I have recently moved to Tennessee to a beautiful 28 acre yard to be with the woman of my dreams. I came from a double lot yard in Michigan where I spent most of my time indoors. There, I worked in Quality Assurance and did little crafting of my own. Heck, I never even really took Shop in school. Now though, I've got several piles of scrap wood, some power tools, and some motivation (mainly from not working).

I've built several things, but as I've had not real experience with such crafting I'm a bit at a loss as to how much of it all goes together...and while many of my projects are starting to look better I've still a long ways to go before they are worthy of selling in the local craft store.

I post to a few communities here bird_houses and spellkraft where some of my crafts have been displayed to the public eye. The scope of both groups is rather limiting though, so I can not show off all of my handy work.... So I took to looking for an applicable group, and while I found several...I did not seem to be in the league as they were and would have felt rather awkward posting my sub-standard crafts to them.

Hence, the creation of Craftastrophe! Which, for the better part has been inspired by the female counterpart craft_mishaps, so please check them out as well... thanks!